How to make money with FPV drones

First; this article is not a “blueprint” on how you will make money with FPV drones. This is my story on how I got my first FPV gigs, in addition to some tips and tricks that could make it happen faster for you. I’ve been building and flying […]

How to make a 6s 4000mah Li-Ion battery pack

Recently I built a brand new 7-inch quad that I was going to use for long-range flying. I’ve read that Li-Ion batteries have higher energy density than LIPO batteries per gram. For the same weight you get more capacity mah. In other words, that means longer flight times! […]

A total beginner guide for FPV drones

This is a complete beginner FPV guide for anyone who wants to learn how to start flying FPV drones. Starting to fly FPV drones can quickly become overwhelming if you are new to the hobby. The learning curve is extremely steep when you first start out. In this […]

How to get butter-smooth cinematic footage with a FPV drone

For the last years I’ve been experimenting on how to get the best possible footage with FPV drones. Footage that is so smooth it looks cinematic. The biggest problem with FPV drones have always been vibrations that turn into jello in the video. Another problem have been quad-copters […]

Mastering the Basics of FPV Drones: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to the world of FPV-flying! You are in for a world of fun, creativity and knowledge. But unfortantly there is one big downside for anyone new to this hobby. Starting to fly FPV drones with everything that involves can quickly become overwhelming as there is just so […]

How to unlock 1200mw on DJI FPV SYSTEM

Unlocking this feature might damage your DJI Air Unit. This unlock is not recommended by DJI. Before you do this, you have to unlock 700mw. That said. I’ve been using this ‘hack’ for some weeks now and I haven’t had any issues. I’m living in a cold country, […]

How to unlock 700mw on DJI FPV SYSTEM

In some countries the DJI FPV Goggles are locked to 25mw because of local regulations. Like in my country, Norway. And lets be honest, with 25mw from the Air Unit you can’t even go behind a tree before the picture breaks up. This is how you unlock your […]