How to downgrade your GoPro Hero6 to 1.6

Here’s a quick guide on how to downgrade your GoPro Hero6 to firmware 1.60. This is the firmware Reelsteady recommend using.

First of all you should go into your preferences on your Hero6 to check what firmware you are already on, maybe you are lucky and already on 1.6.

  1. Download this zip file, extract it on your computer.
  2. Rename the folder “UPDATE” if it has another name.
  3. Move the folder to an empty Micro SD card
  4. Be 100% sure that your Hero6 is OFF before inserting the memorycard. Just take out the battery.
  5. Insert the memorycard, then the battery. Then turn your Hero6 ON.

Your camera will now start the process of downgrading/upgrading your Hero6 to firmware 1.6. Do not remove memory-card/battery before this process is done.

Make sure your battery have plenty of power in it!

When your Hero6 shows a check-mark on the little front screen the downgrade/upgrade is complete.

Go into the preference again and verify that your firmware is now 1.6.

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