How to unlock 700mw on DJI FPV SYSTEM

In some countries the DJI FPV Goggles are locked to 25mw because of local regulations. Like in my country, Norway. And lets be honest, with 25mw from the Air Unit you can’t even go behind a tree before the picture breaks up.

This is how you unlock your DJI FPV Goggles to 700mw. It’s a really easy “hack”.

1: Connect a micro SD card to your computer.
2: Format the SD card.
3: Open a notepad file. Write the number 1 in the file. Save the file as “naco.txt” in the root dictonary of the SD card.

After you have done this you insert the memory card to you DJI AIR UNIT. Connect a battery and wait for 10 seconds.

Connect power to your Goggles.

Go to:
Menu -> Settings -> Device -> Max Power

There should now be options for 25 mw, 100 mw, 200 mw, 500 mw and 700 mw.

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