Quad Build: Cinematic “trasher”

This has slowly become the quadcopter I use for everything. I have two identical builds. All the same gear and betaflight settings.

The frame, Armattan Marmotte is strong as hell. It can take almost any impact. The camera house is made out of titanium. It will protect your FPV cam against pretty much anything.

Titanium frame for the FPV cam

The reason I call this the cinematic trasher is because this is the quad I’ll go to when I need to get some cinematic shots, but might do some risky maneuvers, like diving down between trees or flying fast in tight gaps made out of concrete or metal.

All electric parts is waterproofed with silicone modified conformal coating.

Build parts

Build List 
FrameArmattan Marmotte
FCCL_Racing F4S
MotorsUnderdog 2306/2150kv
ESCArmattan 30A DShot BLheli_S
FPV CameraDJI Air Unit
VtxDJI Air Unit
PropsAZURE 5140 Freestyle
BatteryTattu R-Line 1550mah 95c
CameraGoPro Hero6 & Gopro Hero8

This video was made with this build.


Building guide will come soon.

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Timothy Whitfield
Timothy Whitfield
1 year ago

I’d love to see the building guide for this! I’m completely blown away by your work!!